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MWC20 & 4YFN

  1. 4YFN Barcelona 2020

    1. Who is the audience for the 4YFN Barcelona 2020 event?
    2. What is xside?
    3. Can’t find the answer you were looking for?
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  2. GSMA Membership

    1. I would like to become a GSMA Member organisation and receive discounts on registration
    2. How do I get my GSMA Member discount code?
  3. Exhibitor and Sponsor

    1. Why should I become a MWC Sponsor?
    2. I would like to become a new exhibitor, what should I do?
    3. How can I contact Official Suppliers & recommended Service Providers?
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  4. Registration and Payment

    1. What is the cancellation or substitution policy?
    2. I am working on a stand, do I need to register?
    3. How do I register using LinkedIn?
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  5. BREEZ

    1. How can I enrol to use BREEZ?
    2. What is BREEZ?
    3. How can I opt out of BREEZ?
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  6. Conference, Seminars, and Programmes

    1. Do I need an additional badge to attend a Partner Programme?
    2. Can I have seminars information?
    3. Where can I find the agenda for the Conference, Seminar, and Partner Programmes?
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  7. Onsite Registration and Digital ID

    1. Does the Digital ID replace the printed badge?
    2. Can I make cash payment onsite?
    3. Can I register myself at the airport?
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  8. Hotel and Travel

    1. Are there two Line 9s?
    2. How can I avoid hotel fraud?
    3. How frequent are trains on the Metro?
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  9. General Event Information

    1. Women4Tech Registration
    2. What is Women4Tech?
    3. What's the Ministerial Programme?
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  10. ID Collection

    1. Is ID collection something new?
    2. Will I still be allowed entry to MWC if I do not provide my ID information?
    3. How can my registered attendees submit their Passport / EU National ID card data?
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  11. Press / Analyst

    1. What does the Press / Analyst Pass include?
    2. I applied for Press / Industry Analyst Accreditation and am still waiting to hear if it has been accepted.
    3. What if I don't meet the press / analyst accreditation criteria?
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  12. Speaker

    1. I'm interested in becoming a Speaker at MWC 2020, how can I submit my Speaking proposal?
    2. I submitted a proposal in the call for papers process. When will I be notified if I was chosen to speak?
    3. How are speakers selected?
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  13. Event App

    1. Why can't I access the App if I'm registered?
    2. Which are my App login details?
  14. Visa

    1. How can I get an original visa invitation letter?
    2. How can I modify data from my Visa letter?
    3. Do I require a visa to enter Spain?
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  15. Topic Tours

    1. What are Topic Tours?
  16. Others

    1. Do you still have any questions?
    2. GSMA Statement on Coronavirus for MWC Barcelona 2020
  17. GSM Exchange Event

    1. Attending the GSM Exchange event?